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Technoglass is a transparent electric heater with very low consumption, which definitively solves the problem of water condensation on the windows of paddle tennis courts. This model defogs the entire surface of the track, especially recommended for very humid places, since it prevents the fall of water jets that condenses on the 2-meter sheets on the 3-meter windows. The consumption of this model that heats 100 m2 is about 5.5 KW. The installation is very simple and the electrical connections are even simpler, but must be carried out by your trusted electrician. Constructed of ultra resistant polyester, resistant to UV rays, IP65 weather resistant. Outdoor tested for 8 years and still working perfectly. With Technoglass we attach installation instructions to be carried out by the club’s own maintenance personnel. And the wiring diagram.


It is an electrical device consisting of transparent thermal laminates, which are very easily installed on the outside of the windows, with the function of preventing misting on the windows, if the windows are completely wet before turning on Technoglass no problem, it will dry all the windows in a surprisingly short time. The laminate is transparent and weighs very little, which makes it easy to handle. It takes very little energy to completely demist the glass panes, which add up to one surface area. The installation is very simple and in a short time the court is ready for use.

The equipment installed in paddle tennis courts performs its anti-fogging function and at the same time allows you to see the moves of the game. They are being installed both in outdoor and indoor courts.

Padel is characterised by playing with bounces on the wall. The wet glass does not allow to play comfortably and generates a lot of frustration in the player. As a customer one thinks that it is not worth paying to play in these conditions.

There are a multitude of shots to play with the glass walls of the court, both for low bounces and counter bounces, mid-height bounces, off the wall and high bounces as well as double walls. This is why it is necessary that the anti-fogging films have large contact surfaces.

When you play with wall bounces on a padel court with wet glass, the ball gets wet and impedes play due to bad bounces. In addition, shots such as lobs come up short because of the excess weight of the ball and can break a racket. They also prevent slipping on wet glass, which can lead to accidents. Some players have suffered accidents when slipping on wet glass walls.

By preventing the risk of slipping with Technoglass, they improve the facility’s activities, offering a predictable bouncing game. May the best player win and not win by chance.

And let’s not forget that balls are completely unusable after a game with wet glass.

Each sheet incorporates two adhesives, one on the part where the cable exit is and the other on the opposite side of the sheet.

To install the sheets, the power supply cable must be oriented upwards and connected to the mains cable.

Glue the sheets at the height of the marks made at the 194 cm measurement. Once the upper part has been glued, remove the adhesive protector, which is located on the lower part of the film, then tighten it so that it remains well stretched and glue it to the glass.

The adhesive has a reaction time, which means that if it is not well stretched at the first attempt, it can be peeled off at the bottom and the film is glued to the glass again. Now the transparent side stickers are ready to be applied to prevent dirt from getting in and to hold the film in place in windy conditions.

When the film is well stuck to the glass, without wrinkles, the stickers are pressed so that they are perfectly adhered. Within two hours of being stuck to the glass, they have maximum cohesion and will remain unaffected by cold, heat or sunlight.

A thick transparent adhesive, resistant to sunlight, is attached to hold the film on the sides. These adhesives are necessary to maintain the temperature between the film and the glass, increasing the thermal effect. Three fixing points on each side are sufficient for a quick and easy installation (marked in red in the image on the right, so that you can see them).

These stickers are easy to install and easy to remove at the end of the season.

Mains connection cables: Technoglass consists of electrical circuits that are connected in parallel to the mains, which allows it to be connected in different ways. To operate the electrical circuit, a single-phase cable can be connected from the electrical panel to the track.

Once the connection system has been prepared, proceed to clean the glass on the outside of the track. With the glass clean and dry, you can start gluing the boards.


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